No Nick Hide Trimmer™

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The No Nick Hide Trimmer is the answer for any hunter that is looking to make hide trimming safer, quicker and easier. It’s well thought out design speeds the skinning by securely gripping and quickly releasing the hide during that process. The ergonomic handle design keeps the hand away from the knife while providing pain-free operation. The No Nick is also without equal in the kitchen for meat prepping and cooked meat shredding.

SAFE – Keeps your hands and fingers away from the knife while removing the hide of any large or small game animal
QUICK – It’s patented teeth design securely grips the hide but still releases quickly so you can make short work of the skinning process
COMFORTABLE – No more pain in your fingers from gripping the hide. The No Nick’s ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your hand eliminating this common pain for most.
USE IN KITCHEN - Removes fat, gristle, silver skin and film from any kind of meat. Also can be used to quickly shred your cooked meat.
CLEAN – The durable No Nick is completely dishwasher safe making cleanup a simple task.


Proudly Made In The USA


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