Great Day Load-A-Pup Salty Dog

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You know how much you enjoy boating and the occasional swim in remote areas. Here's another item in the line of Load-A-Pup platforms that because of all stainless steel hardware will allow your "best friend" to have the same pleasures in salt or brackish water. The Load-A-Pup allows your dog to exit and re-enter a boat with ease. No more struggling to get your dog back into the boat. 

The Load-A-Pup Salty Dog provides all the same easy boat loading for your dog that the others in the Load-A-Pup line have, but also has the corrosion resisting benefits of stainless steel hardware. The second picture above shows the SS hardware. This item was designed with ocean salt water in mind, but is perfect anywhere that you may have concerns about corrosion. Like all Load-A-pups, the Load-A-Pup Salty Dog has a 14" X 20" platform that easily attaches to your boarding ladder, The gripping ridges provide safe footing for your dog. The off-white power-coat finish over the strong aircraft aluminum construction will provide years of service. When not needed, the Load-A-Pup folds up for storage. Not for people (adults or children) or use on pontoon boats. The picture differs from the actual item in that the SS hardware is passivated and not black as shown.

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