Duck and Goose Decoys

You know the days when the water is still are some of the most challenging for attracting ducks and geese. You need motion to get their interest and to keep it. The motorized decoys are the answer. They generate a very realistic motion while at the same time energizing the non-motorized decoys in your spread with their ripples. The quiet realistic motion attracts even most cautious ducks and geese. Setup is quick and easy. In no time you're ready for the hunt. The motion, the appearance, the ease and the durability of these decoys have been tested and approved for years by real hunters like yourself. You'll find none better. If you need non-motorized decoys to fill out your spread, we have those as well. We have a super light weight flocked decoy that comes by the dozen. The rotatable head and the motion created by ripples from your motorized decoys greatly add to the realism of your spread.


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