Camouflage Glasses

Tim Jones of Omaha, Nebraska bagged the world's heaviest eastern gobbler wearing CamoVision sunglasses at 15 steps with a compound bow. 
Jones' trophy weighed in at 33.85 pounds and sported 1 1/4" spurs with a 10 3/4" beard. "As cautious as this ol' tom was I would never have gotten him in so close if he saw my eyes."

Total Camouflage - now you will be able to enter the woods without having to worry about spooking game because they saw your eyes. These revolutionary new camo glasses use state-of-the-art technology that bonds camouflage patterns to the lenses without interfering with your field of vision. The functional, wraparound lenses are made of a tough polycarbonate - that meets FDA requirements for impact resistance and feature standard lenses or anti-reflective coated lenses. They reduce glare and surface reflection and allow more light to pass decreased eye fatigue. Sturdy frame has a non-slip nose piece. Water resistant.